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BBKW Controller and Drying Software

BBKW Controller

The brain of our sollutions.

A powerfull tool for controlling, monitoring ans measuring your dehydration process.


Provides reliable and sustainable information for outstanding results.


The best software to control enviroments

Developed under the robust Siemens PLC, the BBKW controller offers control over all the equipment. Define the parameters to achieve the best quality in less time. Just press start! The system will autonomously lead the process to unbeatable results.


Interact through Smartphone, PC or a HMI, local or remotelyThe software, the data storage and the audit trail are GMP proof. Take advantage of a system that has been heavily used under demanding validation processes.


1. IoT - Take control of your dehydrator(s) wherever you are located.

2. SCALABLE - Our system is modular. Add up to 15 expansion slots and your controller also grows with your dryer.

3. CONTROL - Ensure total control of dehumidifiers, heaters, damper actuators, fans, scales, conveyors, etc.

4. REGISTRY - Get the history data of over 40 sensors (temperature, humidity, airflow, weight, individual or total consumption, etc).

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