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White Block Dehydrator

Audit Trail System

IOQ Validation

Made for high-quality products such as cannabis, hemp and algae.

Built in a maritime container.

Produces and maintains a highly controlled environment.

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The Low Temperature Dehydrator

Originally developed for the drying of pharmaceutical cannabis and hemp, it also applies for algae, flowers, and other medical raw material. White Block Dryer is critically important where precise control of ambient conditions, effective air circulation, and rigorous air filtering are of utmost importance.

Meet all the GMP or GACP quality standards. BBKW also executes all the steps needed for IOQ validation.

  • Fitted to temperatures under 25ºC

  • Installed outside or inside with custom connection to the main facilities

  • Available in a 10', 20' or 40' container

  • Removable and modular

  • Adapts easily to business plant changes

  • Easily Exported Worldwide

Check our Technology Features!

Whether it is the desired temperature range, humidity reduction rate, or any other necessary parameter, our solutions are designed to meet all your needs.

Bbkw Dry Leaves



Access and manage your dehydrators from anywhere while ensuring that your data is securely backed up in the cloud.


Define different levels of access for your team users.

Custom Drying 


Configure your drying programs based on the specific variety, desired minimum humidity level, dehydration speed, energy settings, and more.

Our comprehensive audit trail system enables you to track all configurations and modifications, including user identification, and easily download and validate the information.

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