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BBKW Cultivation Room

Similar to BBKW Drying Room, typically installed in a clean room.

Precise and rigorous humidity, irrigation and light control.

Builds and maintains a highly controlled environment.


Growthing has never been so easy​

Our cultivations rooms, specially designed for cannabis, are based in 4 basic elements: Clean Room (if GMP is the target), Ambient Controller (typically a ATU), Irrigation System, and Light Control.


Our rooms ensure consistent cultivation conditions, regardless of the natural environment.


Our solutions guarantee consistent results across the breeding cycle, ensuring daily uniformity while considering variables like substrates, fertilizers, plant varieties, and more.

  • Full control of cultivation enviroment

  • Custom design projects

  • Installed inside facilities 

  • Tailor-made solution that will answer your requirements


Check our Technology Features!

Just tell us what you need! Humidity needed, power intensity and period of light, quantity of water per plant, composition needed, expected development, raws of plants, or any other requirement, we will return a tailor-made solution for all your requirements.

Bbkw Dry Leaves



Access and manage your dehydrators from anywhere while ensuring that your data is securely backed up in the cloud.


Define different levels of access for your team users.

Custom Drying 

Configure your drying programs based on the specific variety, desired minimum humidity level, dehydration speed, energy settings, and more.


Our comprehensive audit trail system enables you to track all configurations and modifications, including user identification, and easily download and validate the information.

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