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Black Block Dryer

The multipurpose dryer for products such as herbs, fruits, mushrooms, algae, fish, etc..

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Built in a maritime container, isolated in the interior with sandwich panels, covered with convective hot air solar panels. The very dry air in circulation, from the panels into the interior, builds the perfect ambient to dry fast at low temperatures. The result is very high-quality products, lowering consumption and co2 emissions. During the night or when there is no sunlight the complementary equipment: dehumidifiers, heaters, and fans do their job, keeping the drying chamber as dry as you need it.

Fitted to temperatures from 22°c to 55 °c, to be placed outside with or without direct connection to the main facilities.
Available in a 10, 20 or 40” container they offer a wide capacity range, tell us the windows of temperature needed, humidity decrease rate, killing step, anything, we will return a complete solution that will answer all your requirements

Save up to 60% of the power consumption compared with a classic dryer.

Get unbeatable color, aroma, and flavor products with the patented Bbkw low-temperature drying process.

Take all the advantages of the BBKW controller:

IOT Take control of your dehydrator(s) wherever you are, Keeping data backed up in the cloud

ACCESS Give different levels of access to your team users

SET UP Your programs by variety, minimum humidity, dehydration speed, energy etc.

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