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White Block Dryer

Made for high-quality products such as cannabis, hemp and algae, built in a maritime container they build and maintain a highly controlled environment

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Firstly developed to dry pharmaceutical cannabis and hemp, they also apply for algae, flowers, and other medical raw material, where controlled ambient, air circulation and filtering is critical.
Fitted to temperatures under 25°c, to be placed outside with or without direct connection to the main facilities. Available in a 10, 20 or 40” container they offer a wide capacity range, tell us the windows of temperature required, humidity decrease rate, killing step, anything you need, our solutions will answer all your requirements.

White block Driers are removable and modular, they adapt easily to business \ plant changes. 
If needed, we also execute validations, for GACP \ GMP certifications.

Take all the advantages of the BBKW controller:

IOT Take control of your dehydrator(s) wherever you are, Keeping data backed up in the cloud

ACCESS Give different levels of access to your team users

SET UP Your programs by variety, minimum humidity, dehydration speed, energy etc.

SECURITY Complete audit trail system that allows you to trace all changes and instructions given and relate with the user who made them. Download the information and validate it.

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