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BBKW Cultivation Rooms

Like WR Dryers, Cultivation rooms are typically built in a white room, they build and maintain a highly controlled environment, where humidity irrigation and light control are critical


Our growing rooms, specially designed for cannabis are based in 4 basic elements, a clean room (if GMP is the target), an ambient controller (typically a ATU), an irrigation system, and light control. No matter the natural environment our rooms build and maintain repeated and constant cultivation requirements. During the breeding cycle, day after day, among other factors such as subtracts, fertilizers, plant varieties, etc, once a recipe is established our solutions ensure that the results are repeatedly the same.

Tell us what you need, windows of temperature and humidity needed, power intensity and period of light, quantity of water per plant and composition needed, expected development, raws of plants, anything, we will return a tailor-made solution for all your requirements

If needed, we also execute the IOQ validation, needed for the GMP certification.

Take all the advantages of the BBKW controller:


IOT  Take control of your dehydrator(s) wherever you are, Keeping data backed up in the cloud


ACCESS  Give different levels of access to your team users


SET UP  Your programs by variety, minimum humidity, dehydration speed, energy etc.


SECURITY  Complete audit trail system that allows you to trace all changes and instructions given and relate with the user who made them. Download the information and validate it

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